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Pharmacist Support appoints five new trustees

Diane Leicester-Hallam, chief executive of Pharmacist Support

Source: Courtesy of Pharmacist Support

Diane Leicester-Hallam said she looks forward to working with the new board members to continue the work of the late Peter Noyce

Pharmacist Support, the independent charity for pharmacists, former pharmacists, and pharmacy students, has appointed five new trustees to its board.

The new recruits will hold a three-year term and will join existing board members, who include Royal Pharmaceutical Society director for England, Robbie Turner.

The five new trustees are: Sarah Willis, lecturer in social pharmacy at Manchester University; Neil Matthewman, chief executive of charity Community Integrated Care; Paul Johnson, professional services pharmacist at Buttercups Training; Catherine Harper, freelance writer; and Esther Sadler-Williams, who has 35 years’ experience in a number of pharmaceutical roles.

Pharmacist Support’s chief executive, Diane Leicester-Hallam, admitted that the last year had been “challenging”.

“The unexpected passing of our chair, Professor Peter Noyce, was difficult for us all,” she said.

“We are pleased to be moving into this new year with new board members and we look forward to working together to shape our support for those in the profession facing challenging times, and to continue the vital work that Peter began in ensuring a financially sustainable future for the charity.”

Citation: The Pharmaceutical Journal
DOI: 10.1211/PJ.2018.20204199

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